I am very excited to announce that our table for two is expanding to a table for three!  Baby O'Dempsey is scheduled to arrive January 22, 2013.  

So if you have been wondering why I haven't posted recipes as often as usual, I can now tell you that it's because my appetite is all over the place.  Suddenly chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese seem gourmet, and a nice steak dinner could just as well be garbage.  

I went on a limb and concluded that you probably wouldn't want to join me in eating what most 5-year-olds classify as a good dinner, and only shared the few "grown-up" meals I've been able to make on a good day.  Hopefully as I continue to progress my appetite will as well.   

Until then, please feel free to continue to browse the site and find meal plans and recipes to enjoy.  I'll continue to post as often as possible. 

Thanks everyone for your continued support.  I'm looking forward to sharing this new chapter in my life with you all.  
This is me at 20 weeks.  I was very excited to finally be sporting a bump!

09/10/2012 16:44

Oh congrats!!! That's awesome! Can't wait to follow along with this new journey of yours!

09/10/2012 16:58

Congratulations! You look stunning with your 'bump'!

09/10/2012 18:23


09/11/2012 07:19

Congratulations! How exciting!


Congratulations! That is wonderful!!

09/12/2012 10:19

Gratz! That's wonderful news!

09/16/2012 06:48

Thanks everyone! We are very excited! Looking forward to sharing updates with everyone :)

11/25/2012 08:00

Congratulations!!! My husband travels for work a lot and since I do not know how to cook or put together a menu for that matter, he ran across your blog. I have tried several receipts which my daughter and I LOVED!!! We have a 18 month old too and actually can't wait for any post you do with kid meals. My 18 month old could not stop eating your Chicken Parmesan Dippers!!! Having a toddler myself I know you will not have too much time on your hands but I am hopeful that we will see some kid friendly menus... :) Thank you soooooooooo much for posting these blogs and saving dinner nights when my husband is not home. My daughter and son appreciate it!!! LOL

11/25/2012 08:02


11/25/2012 18:19

You are most welcome Mandy! Thank you for your kinds note. I'm so glad you and your daughter are enjoying my recipes. I will definitely aim to post more kid friendly recipes pre and post baby. Stay tuned!

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